What Is Grab Hire in Oxford?

Grab hire in Oxford is a waste removal service that helps domestic and commercial clients remove volumes of materials from their site, produced from construction, landscaping or industrial works. These materials are taken away in large containers with the assistance of a driver and a hydraulic arm. Grab hire in Oxford can be utilised by homeowners, builders and industrial workers alike, with the service adjustable depending on the client. 

At Oxcrete, we have a fleet of 6 wheeled and 8 wheeled grab hire lorries, carrying up to 32 tonnes worth of weight from your site. Waste can be removed and taken away the very same day, with the lorry delivered to your site alongside a qualified driver. They are capable of removing all kinds of non-hazardous waste in a quick and cost-effective manner. 

How does grab hire in Oxford work? 

Grab hire in Oxford works by delivering a grab hire lorry directly to your location and working to remove as much waste as possible. With Oxcrete’s numerous lorries, you can hire multiple grab trucks at one time to relocate significant volumes of materials. These grab trucks, powered by a certified driver, will pick up the waste with revolutionised technology in the form of a hydraulic arm, and place it in their containers.

Grab hire in Oxford solves your waste problem at its source, removing the manual labour required with skip hire and eliminating the need for trips to the tip. Grab hire isn’t just cost-efficient, it’s time-effective too. 

When should I use grab hire in Oxford?

Much like skip hire, grab hire in Oxford should be utilised when large volumes of waste need removing from your site. If you are concerned about fitting the waste in a skip, consider investing in grab hire with Oxcrete. We use the latest grab hire technology to save on labour costs, helping those in need of waste removal. 

If you are planning a construction project, think about adding the cost of grab hire into your budget. Similarly, if you find yourself in need of grab hire in Oxford, we can arrive at your site with speed, removing the waste the very same day. Get in touch with Oxcrete for a quote and to check our grab hire availability in Oxford. 

Grab Hire in Oxford with Oxfordshire Concrete

Here at Oxcrete, we believe that grab hire is the perfect solution to your waste removal needs, holding vast amounts of materials and removing them all at once. Our fleet of 6-wheeled and 8-wheeled grab hire lorries can be accessed by both residential and commercial customers across Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. If you are looking to clear a site before a project, or need help removing the waste produced from construction, Oxcrete is here to help,

Oxcrete are grab hire specialists, experienced in providing grab lorries for serious non-hazardous waste disposal. We are dedicated to providing a cost-effective and professional grab hire service in Oxford, complete with up-to-date machinery and CPC trained drivers. If you are interested in our grab hire service, contact us for more information on our pricing, or to receive a quote.