Concrete Pumping

C&G Concrete Pumping Ltd are experts in pumping concrete into tight or restricted areas. They have a specialist team of staff that are equipped with a wide range of concrete pumps, available in various different sizes and configurations – ranging from the smallest most compact line and boom pumps up to large pumps suitable for industrial and commercial job sites.

Their high-pressure concrete pumps are capable of pumping long distances of up to and around 150 metres. Prices are very competitive and all of the experienced staff are trained to ensure even the most difficult jobs are completed as smoothly as possible. After you’ve booked your Volumetric/drum mix Concrete, let us know if you need a pump and we can coordinate that for you, making the whole process simple and easy.


These are truck-mounted mobile concrete pumps. Steel and rubber flexi lines are connected at ground level, you can pump the concrete mix through the concrete lines to areas up to 150 metres away from the truck. The lines can easily navigate around obstacles and through homes, including into basements and shed bases to get the concrete pumped to wherever it is needed. The ground line pumps can pump concrete into almost any location. C&G’s line pumps carry 70 metres of pipe as standard, but we can extend that to 150 metres if the job requires it. Experienced drivers will lay the hose and take it away again once the job is complete.

Ground Line Pumps

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These are perfect for sites that can accommodate a larger size vehicle making life far easier as the hydraulic boom enables the concrete to be poured exactly where desired. Boom pumps can reach over walls and buildings, pumping concrete along the hydraulic arm to the desired site. C&G’s boom pumps have a reach ranging from 19m, 20m, 24m, 25m, 31m, 32m, 36m, 42m and 47m, bigger pumps available on request. All boom pumps carry an additional 30 meters of line and more if requested. An expert boom operator comes as standard to operate the pump for you.

All pump operators at C&G Concrete Pumping LTD have their CPCS or NPORS qualifications and they run under CPA terms of business.

Using either type of concrete pump will save you time, stress and money. One simple phone call can answer all of your concrete needs. Call Oxfordshire Concrete now on 01865 655622.

Boom Pumps