Volumetric Concrete

Volumetric concrete is better than ready mixed concrete as it allows the user to only use the volume of concrete needed for the job, rather than having to estimate how much is needed in advance. This makes it ideal for home projects such as footings for extensions, driveways, paths, bases for sheds, and hard landscaping in the garden.

Domestic Concrete Types and Uses


If you’re not sure which type of concrete you need, then the easy thing to do is give us a call and talk through your project with you. We’ll listen keenly and make sure we help you with the right mix for the job.


If you want to find out a bit more about different concrete types, then read our guide below. The technical names are there as well as our easy to understand summaries. In a glance you can see the different strengths available and and which jobs they’re ideal for.


Volumetric concrete is what Oxcrete specialise in. It’s all produced on your job site by Oxcrete’s mobile batching trucks. The mix design can be adjusted and discussed on site, on the day, shortly before the pour. You will only need to pay for the volume that you use. We can cater for the job taking more or less concrete at the time of pouring.

It’s a great option for larger sites, basement projects, and projects requiring different types of concrete on site.


Whilst Oxcrete specialises in Volumetric Concrete, we’re pleased to also be able to offer ready mix concrete to our customers. Be sure to order an accurate quantity for the job and have a mix design prepared in advance of placing your order.

It’s a great option for larger sites.


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Chemicals are added to this concrete to give it a high flow rate, so when it is poured it will level and compact by itself. It’s a more complex mix, and the addition of the chemicals makes it stronger than a basic mix.

Because it levels and compacts itself, it is easy to lay. If you’re short on labour or time it’s an excellent choice.

It’s a great option for foundations, floors, walls and pre-cast structures.


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This type of concrete comes in a range of colours and textures. When you need concrete for a highly aesthetic or architectural project, we recommend this as a great fit. Oxcrete can provide this in a range of colours and textures that we can discuss with you.

It’s a great option for decorative paving areas, patterned floors and for striking architectural features.


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If extreme speed is of the essence then our rapid-set concrete is ideal for the job. How quickly it sets and how versatile makes it suitable for so many different types of projects. It’s also the ideal type of concrete to be used in winter because it will dry and set in temperatures that are too low for traditional concrete types.

It’s a great option for fence posts, general concrete repair and time sensitive road works.


Fibre concrete mixes form a structure which improves the strength and durability of the concrete. This means that for certain jobs you don’t need a steel mesh inside the concrete for structure and support. Oxcrete will add the additional small fibres to the mix so it will spread evenly throughout the concrete. Fibre-reinforced concrete is less likely to suffer cracking or shifting.

It’s a great option for domestic work, small commercial projects and industrial floors.


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Permeable concrete mix is also known as pervious concrete. It has a porous structure which allows water, to pass through it, reducing the risk of pooling and flooding on top of the concrete.

It’s a great option for domestic work such as paths, swimming pool areas and greenhouses.


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Fluid concrete has a plasticiser added to the mixture that makes it flow smoothly when pouring. Where you want a work surface with sharp edges and a silky smooth texture, this is the concrete to go for. Typically it is used in concrete worktops, such as those in modern kitchens. It’s most common use is for encasing pipework and cables where they need to be fixed in place and protected.

It’s a great option for modern kitchen worktops, laying cables and pipes.


Foamed concrete is also known as aircrete. It has additives mixed in to provide different qualities and uses, but the foam is created by a foaming agent. We can also add pigments/colours, retarders, accelerators and fibres to it. It used to have a reputation for being weaker, but advances in technology and materials means that’s not the case any longer.

It’s a great option for filling voids in houses.


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FND2 concrete is ideal for pouring over clay or sulphate soils as it is sulphate resistant. This type of concrete is often used for foundations of buildings, because sulphate heavy soil could be what you’re working with.

It’s a great option for pouring on sulphate soils and clay, and therefore in foundation work.