Why Should I Go for Ready Mix Concrete?

The quality of concrete used in construction has a direct impact on the durability of a building. This is where ready mix concrete comes in. This is owing to concrete being one of the most essential materials in building construction. As a result, it accounts for 30-50% of the overall cost of any structure.  

Whatever the case may be, you will need a high-quality grade of concrete for your task. This is whether you are creating foundations or a shed base for new-build homes. Most contractors prefer this type of concrete for a variety of reasons. Concrete that comes already mixed is simple to pour. It provides the ideal blend of efficiency for all types of construction jobs.

This type of concrete is manufactured off-site to a client’s exact specifications and then transported to the job site. For that reason, every construction project benefits from having concrete supplied in bulk and ready to use. Simply put, ready mix concrete provides the ideal combination of efficiency and ease of pouring for any building project.

The reasons for using ready mix concrete are numerous. Keep reading to find out more!


With concrete mixed on-site, materials needed must be ordered ahead of time, and stacked on-site. When the essential materials are not delivered on time, getting the task done becomes challenging. But ready mix concrete on the other hand saves time. As the name implies, it comes already mixed from the supplier and delivered to the construction site. 

Choosing a prepared concrete option also saves the time and effort of mounting and dismantling any onsite mixing equipment. This allows you to get right to work once on-site. Already mixed concrete deliveries are also usually fast and efficient, regardless of order size, and to this effect, Oxcrete is the best option.

Quality Control

When you choose this type of concrete for a job, you are choosing the finest quality product available. You get the right grade and quantity of concrete for the varied components of your project because it is manufactured to order. For example, the grade required for a floor will differ from that required for a wall. 

A reliable supplier will only utilise high-quality aggregates from the quarry, not recycled materials. Ready mix concrete is free of problematic materials that could potentially end up in a product that has been mixed on-site. Due to the regulated circumstances of a mixing facility.


In today’s society, protecting the environment has become a key issue. Due to dust emissions and the sun’s powerful rays, preparing cement on-site entails a great deal of risk. All of these dangers are reduced by using ready mix concrete, as it is a sustainable building material. 

This is due to the fact that concrete that is mixed beforehand and off-site is normally done in bulk, based on the project specifications. Because mixing is not done on a regular basis, contaminants such as cement dust are kept to a minimum. As a result, the construction project’s environmental imprint is reduced. Workers also benefit from a safer working environment.

Space Saving

Space is often at a premium on both domestic and commercial project sites. If construction is taking place in a built-up urban environment, it can be tricky to ensure you have adequate room to complete all the tasks required.

Opting for concrete that is already mixed helps keep the site as clutter-free as possible. You do not need to find additional space to store constituent materials, such as aggregate, admixtures and water, separately as you would if you wanted to mix your own concrete on-site. This type of concrete is one way to help manage a project’s cost.


There are plenty of variables to consider while managing a build, renovation, or construction project. Anything that helps people relax and keep things simple is a good thing, and concrete is not left out. The process is made easier and more convenient by using ready mix concrete from a reputable provider. 

The grades and amounts required for each aspect of the job are delivered to you as needed. You receive the benefit of their experience as well because you’re ordering from educated pros. That assistance and advice can be quite beneficial, saving both time and money.


Deciding not to mix on-site saves time and labour while putting the job of mixing in the hands of professionals. You would not need the same equipment and ingredients to mix your own concrete, so your initial investment will be lower. There will be less need for mix storage, aggregate storage, mixer storage, and so on. There is also no risk of a batch going wrong because it’s delivered to the job site after being precisely mixed using computerised batching technology. 

Ready mix concrete, on the other hand, minimises the amount of labour required for mixing the raw components and preparing the mix on the job site. Having concrete supplied to your site from Surrey concrete suppliers might save you a lot of money in this way.


Your ready mix concrete will be as strong and durable as possible because it is made under stringent conditions, with the best ingredients available. In other words, already mixed concrete is built to withstand extreme weather as well as being abrasion-resistant.

Many of the alternatives lack in comparison to the quality of poured, finished concrete. Ready mix concrete of high quality should come directly from a quarry. No recycled components should be used in the final product. Because of the increased durability and improved appearance, it should last much longer.

Manpower Saving

In comparison to concrete mixed off-site, on-site material manufacturing involves the costs of manual labour, ingredient transportation, and concrete mixing apparatus and equipment. Because you do not need employees to make the product for you, using already mixed concrete requires less labour. 

Mixing trucks and concrete pumps will handle the labour instead, allowing you and your co-workers to focus on other things. Already mixed concrete is recognised for its adaptability. This includes a wide range of grades, convenience of delivery, and lower labour costs.

Ready mix concrete is popular for all the right reasons, given these benefits. Always buy from market experts like Oxcrete. We ensure that you get top-notch quality at a great price. Do not hesitate to give us a call on 01865 655 662 today!