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  • Volumetric concrete being poured out by construction worker on site

    Volumetric Concrete Vs. Ready Mix Concrete: Which Do You Need?

    One of the most common construction materials; ‘concrete’ is a blend of cement, water, and aggregates. The two main types of concrete that are widely used in the construction industry are volumetric…

  • ready-mix-concrete

    Why Should I Go for Ready Mix Concrete?

    The quality of concrete used in construction has a direct impact on the durability of a building. This is where ready mix concrete comes in. This is owing to concrete being one…

  • how to polish concrete

    How to Polish Concrete

    Polished concrete floors with a high-gloss finish give the impression of luxury with its sleek look and ability to transform a room entirely with the amount of light let in. They’re a…

  • oxcretes-ready-mix-concrete

    How to Lay Paving Slabs on Concrete

    Paving slabs are used both in residential and commercial properties, as they are a well sought-after choice for landscaped areas, be it a patio, driveway, or walkway, regardless of the square footage.…

  • ready mix concrete

    What is ready mix concrete and how is it used?

    Various materials go into the construction of buildings and other structures, with each having different benefits or purposes. Multiple types of concrete can be used for building purposes, with ready-mix concrete being…

  • how to level a concrete floor that slopes

    How to level a concrete floor that slopes

    Concrete floors have been around for thousands of years and are used in many different ways… it has never stopped because, well, why would you!? Concrete is the most commonly used man-made…

  • how to insulate a floor over concrete

    How To Insulate A Floor Over Concrete

    At Oxcrete, one of the most common questions we get asked when it comes to new concrete floors is just how do you insulate it? Even though the aesthetic nature of a…

  • How Much Does Concrete Pump Hire Cost

    How Much Does Concrete Pump Hire Cost?

    The common question we always get asked at Oxcrete is “how much does concrete pump hire cost?” so we thought we would answer the question, once and for all. Our sister company,…

  • advantages-of-using-concrete-pumping

    What is Volumetric Concrete?

    At Oxcrete, we know a thing or two about Volumetric concrete. We have put together this blog to answer the question, once and for all, what is volumetric concrete? Here’s what we…

  • advantages-of-using-concrete-pumping

    The Advantages Of Using Concrete Pumping

    In the ancient days, it was quite difficult to complete the construction project. But the growing technology has made work easier. People have a scarcity of time to get stuck at one…