How Much Does Concrete Pump Hire Cost?

The common question we always get asked at Oxcrete is “how much does concrete pump hire cost?” so we thought we would answer the question, once and for all. Our sister company, C&G Concrete Pumping Ltd, are experts in pumping concrete into tight or restricted areas, they have a specialist team of staff that are equipped with the most compact mobile concrete line pumps available, allowing us to pump into sites that are logistically difficult. So let’s get into what you are looking for. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about our services, then contact us today.

Concrete Pump Hire Cost

We will always say that concrete pump hire prices can vary depending on different factors. Including how much pipeline we require for your site, how long we’re onsite and the complexity of the pour. We will break down each of these factors to show what goes into the cost of hiring a concrete pump. If you have any questions at all about our services please contact us today.

How Much is a Concrete Pump to Hire?

When pricing up concrete pump hire, it will depend on the length of the pipeline required, how long our Oxcrete team is onsite for, and how complex the pour is. When booking your concrete pumping hire, you can let us know of any opticals that you may have onsite or other challenges. We will break down the factors below.

Length of Pipeline

Concrete pump hire costs more if we need larger amounts of pipeline to reach your site. Our concrete pump vehicles can carry up to 100 metres of pipeline. We also can supply 50 metres of pipeline and equipment as standard. If your site needs more pipeline, no problem we can get it delivered separately. This generally costs more as we will have to arrange for additional equipment to be delivered.

Time on site

At Oxcrete we charge per hour for delivering and pumping your concrete. The longer we’re onsite, the more the concrete pump hire costs. We carry out all pores as efficiently as possible and work with our customers to ensure you’re prepared for our arrival. Contact us today for more information about our services.

Complexity of pour

Our concrete pump hire prices may be higher for complex pours. For example, if your site has restricted access or requires significant lengths of pipeline, we charge more as we need to provide additional operatives and potentially specialist equipment to carry out the pour. Don’t hesitate to discuss your requirements with our friendly team.

Should I Hire a Concrete Pump For My Delivery?

There are numerous reasons why you should use our concrete pumping services. The most common reason is if your site has accessibility issues, such as restricted entrance ways or obstacles that would make barrowing difficult. Our Oxcrete team has many years of experience in the operations of this equipment. Our pumps can navigate areas that barrows simply can’t, ensuring your concrete is still delivered efficiently. But pumps are great for a wide range of other project types too – from swimming pools and flooring to staircases, basements, footings and cellars. They reduce waste by limiting the risk of spillage, which saves you money (by not having to buy more concrete) and keeps the site cleaner. Pumping also requires less manual labour than barrowing, which frees up your team to work on other areas of your build.

What’s included in Oxcrete concrete pump hire cost?

You get many years of experience and skills with our team. They will ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and ensure a quality service thought. We also offer alternative concrete pump hire services. 

Ground Line Pumps

These are truck mounted concrete pumps. Steel lines are connected at ground level, You can pump the concrete mix through the concrete lines to areas up to 150 metres away from the truck. The line’s can easily navigate around obstacles to get the concrete pumped to wherever it is needed, which our drivers will do for you. The ground line pumps can pump concrete into almost any location.

C&G’s ground line pump’s carry 70 metres of pipe as standard, but we can extend that to 150 metres along if the job requires it. Experienced drivers will lay the hose and take it away again.

Boom Pump

These are perfect for sites that can accommodate a larger size vehicle making life far easier as the hydraulic boom enables the concrete to be poured exactly where desired. Boom pumps can reach over walls and buildings, pumping concrete along the hydraulic arm to the desired site. C&G’s boom pumps have a reach ranging from and including 20m, 24m, 25, 31, 32, 36, 42, 47 & 52m, all boom pumps carry an additional 30 meters of line and more on request.

The boom pumps transport concrete at around 1m3 per minute, just like the line pumps so the flow doesn’t feel any different. An expert boom operator comes as standard to do the work for you.


We hope that you found this article interesting and useful. If you work in construction and are interested in finding out about our other services, we also offer a Ready Mix concrete service and skip/grab hire. Visit our website to find out more or give us a call today to speak to a member of our friendly team on 01865 655662 or fill out a contact form below.