What is ready mix concrete and how is it used?

Various materials go into the construction of buildings and other structures, with each having different benefits or purposes. Multiple types of concrete can be used for building purposes, with ready-mix concrete being one of the most popular. 

Ready-mix concrete is used worldwide for construction projects as small as houses and as large as skyscrapers. It creates foundations and supports building structures. But what exactly is ready-mix concrete, and how is it used? 

What is ready-mix concrete? 

Ready-mix concrete is a type of concrete specifically manufactured for customer’s construction projects and is made from a combination of aggregates, water, and other types of cement. First patented in 1903, it was initially mixed by hand until the invention of a transit mixer in 1926, and its benefits were soon recognised across various industries. 

Ready-mix concrete comes in two forms, the first being in-transit mixers. These are small pieces of machinery with round barrels and are often seen near or around construction projects. They mix concrete on-site ready for direct application by builders and construction workers. 

The second is a volumetric concrete mixer. These are much larger and deliver concrete in a dry state ready to be mixed on-site. It meters out sand, stone, water, and cement so you know the right material is being used for the right project. Volumetric concrete mixers give workers more flexibility with construction jobs by allowing them to work with a variety of different mixes, as well as real-time mixing. 

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How is it used? 

It has a longer lifespan compared to other types of concrete, explaining why it’s often used in large construction projects, such as skyscrapers or bridges. Any kind of construction needing a strong and durable material for its foundation will want to use ready-mix concrete. 

After it’s been mixed and delivered to the site, ready-mix concrete must be used within two hours to prevent the hardening of the material. Any leftover concrete is often returned and recycled, so materials aren’t harming the environment. However, volumetric concrete often has very little waste to dispose of. 

Concrete is used for the finished project in structures and foundations, with cement helping it harden and stabilise. It’s a popular choice given its low maintenance and high strength properties, and is used to reduce the upkeep requirements of roads and buildings. It’s not uncommon for structures to remain untouched for decades after, if ready-mix concrete was used during construction.

What Oxcrete can do

Oxfordshire Concrete serves construction projects in parts of the surrounding counties of Wiltshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. We can deliver volumetric concrete to sites, mixing the exact amount of concrete you require and providing a cost-effective service. 

Ready-mix concrete is ideal for large building works, as well as the construction of roads and bridges. Oxcrete can deliver concrete to any size project, providing you with an eco-friendly alternative, as volumetric concrete creates little to no waste. 
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