Measuring Ready-Mix Concrete – How Much Do I Need?

The amount of ready mix concrete you’ll need all depends on the size of the project and the area you’re looking to cover. Ready-mix concrete can be used for both construction and residential use, the volume of which will be tailored for each project. This building material is a great choice for larger sites but has multiple benefits for smaller use too. 

If you’re wondering what ready-mix concrete is, Oxcrete can help you with that information here.

Measuring ready-mix concrete and knowing how much you need is simple. 

Measuring ready-mix concrete

To know how much ready-mix concrete you might need, you first start by measuring the area. Whether it’s a driveway or building site, you need to know the depth, width and length of the area. There are plenty of ready-mix concrete calculators available online to help work everything out.

There are ready-mix concrete calculators available online if you know the exact measurements of the area you wish to cover. This includes depth, width and length. You can measure the area in whatever unit of length you wish and can even use different units for each dimension. Once you’ve gathered this information, you have two choices:

  1. Input the measurements into a ready-mix concrete calculator and find out your results. 
  2. Bring the measurements straight to a ready-mix concrete provider and they will issue you with a quote. 

When using a ready-mix concrete calculator, your results will often be given in cubic metres (m3). This is the standard unit of measurement used by those in the ready-mix concrete industry and can be given straight to your chosen company. Oxcrete will handle the dimensions and organise how much ready-mix concrete you require for your project. 

How much ready-mix concrete do I need? 

Ready-mix concrete is sold in volume and the cost of such can depend on your location, and what type of ready-mix concrete you have ordered. The amount of concrete needed also depends on its use, whether it be slabs, footings, foundations, or driveways, the price can also vary. The thicker you want your concrete to be, the more it will cost. 

We will inform you how much you need once you’ve given us the measurements, you aren’t required to figure it out for yourself. The amount is dependent on many factors but we aim to keep our services as cost-effective as possible. Oxcrete are keen to work with both small and large projects, providing ready-mix concrete solutions for all. Our ready-mix concrete is prepared in fixed quantities and mixed before arrival, meaning that very little is ever wasted and you’re only paying for what you’ve used. In addition, we also have a concrete pumping service which means you only pay for what you lay!

Oxcrete can provide as little or as much concrete as you need, ready-mix or otherwise. We offer a wide range of concrete choices for construction and residential projects in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire. We work to produce no waste on our sites, unlike traditional concrete-mixing methods, so no further costs are incurred for our clients. 

Oxcrete are experts in Volumetric Concrete and Concrete Pumping. You can either contact us with your ready-mix concrete measurements or with how much ready-mix concrete you need. Get in touch today.