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Our volumetric and ready mix concrete services are available for those who live in the Woodstock and Oxfordshire area. We are a family run business and ensure we do every job with a friendly approach and hard-working attitude.

We Offer Volumetric and Ready Mix Concrete Services in Woodstock

Are you looking for Ready Mix Concrete in the Woodstock area? Is waiting around for other companies costing you time and money? Contact Oxcrete for ready mix concrete in the Woodstock area. All of our mixers are accredited. This means they are subject to regular and rigorous testing, which helps guarantee its quality. We deliver and mix your concrete on site to your specification. For further enquiries please contact our Woodstock team on 01865 655662 or 07521512933.

We supply ready mix concrete in the Woodstock area for all types of construction projects, we use our mixer trucks to deliver your order to you. Our drivers take great pride in their jobs to provide a quality service throughout. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we make sure to deliver your ready mix concrete on time. Our Woodstock team have many years of combined experience and knowledge of all things concrete. If you are unsure about what exactly you need, then talk to our Woodstock team, they will be more than happy to discuss anything with you.


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A Brief History on Ready Mix Concrete

So what is ready mix concrete? Well ready mix concrete is prepared in a central plant also known as a (batching plant). The customer orders the concrete and it is mixed in the plant to the correct recipe. Then the concrete is transferred into a cylindrical truck known as cement mixers.

Did you know

In the early 1900’s concrete was delivered by horse drawn carriage, whilst the carriage was been towed there were mixing paddles attached to the carts wheel, so the concrete was mixed by the paddles. Which meant you were able to get ready mix concrete to your job site.

Facts you will not know about concrete

Did you know that concrete can set underwater – with the right ingredients concrete can be used in underwater projects such as bridges.

Archaeologists discovered concrete was used in Neolithic times – on a neolithic site in northern Israel in the 1980’s archaeologists unearthed a concrete floor as well as evidence of a kiln used to burn limestone to make cement.

The first concrete road was built in 1909 – this was built on Woodward Avenue in Greenfield Township in the United States.

Concrete was named by the Romans – the word ‘concrete’ comes from the latin word ‘Concretus’ which roughly translates to ‘grow together’

Concrete slabs are cut by diamonds – Diamonds are used to drill, saw and cut concrete slabs. The Diamond head is used because it is very tough and durable.

The concrete recipe can be tailored specifically to the requirements of the client and crucially, no materials will be wasted because you will only pay for the exact amount of concrete you need to be laid.

Oxcrete provide the highest quality ready mix concrete in the Woodstock area, delivered and mixed on site. If you aren’t interested in ready mix concrete we also offer concrete pumping service or skip/grab hire service. Visit our website to find out more or give us a call today to speak to a member of our friendly Woodstock team on: 01865 655662 or 07521512933.

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