Oxcrete’s Guide to Volumetric Concrete

At Oxfordshire Concrete, we have years of experience handling and supplying vast amounts of concrete across the UK, to both commercial and residential clients. We offer ready-mix concrete, volumetric concrete and concrete pumping, along with many other services, supporting projects from home extensions to commercial buildings. 

If you are interested in learning more about volumetric concrete, read the Oxcrete Guide to Volumetric Concrete right here and find out how this type of concrete can help your project. 

What is volumetric concrete?

Volumetric concrete is a type of concrete that is mixed based on its volume rather than its weight, through the use of a volumetric concrete mixer. This process removes the potential for creating waste materials and is, therefore, an economical and environmentally friendly way to mix concrete. 

Volumetric concrete will be mixed on-site by Oxcrete, using a combination of aggregates, cement and water, and then poured. The exact amount of concrete you require will be poured right at the desired location and no excess materials will need to be disposed of. When mixing concrete before transportation, another method used by the construction industry, not only are you increasing the risk of wasted materials, but you are also increasing the cost for the client. 

The benefits of using volumetric concrete

A reduction in waste is not the only benefit of using volumetric concrete for your project, there are many other reasons why volumetric concrete is such a popular material for construction. 


As volumetric concrete is mixed on-site rather than before transportation, you use only what you need and you aren’t charged for any other materials. This process makes using volumetric concrete much more convenient for both suppliers and customers. Mixing on-site also allows volumetric concrete to be transported to remote locations, as the concrete is still of excellent quality by the time it arrives. 


Should additional concrete be needed once you’ve reached the site, volumetric concrete allows for alterations to be made with no impact on the project. If weather conditions hinder the project, there will be no damage to materials as the concrete hasn’t been mixed yet. This means the concrete can be adjusted so work can carry on without disruption.


By only mixing the exact amount of concrete you require, you aren’t paying for extra materials transported by the supplier, which you may not even need. You won’t be hit with any part-load charges or waste disposal charges for the excess materials, and you’ll receive freshly mixed concrete. Even if you’ve over-ordered, the concrete mixer can be shut off at any point so you aren’t charged for materials you don’t use. 

Volumetric concrete with Oxcrete

When choosing Oxcrete as your volumetric concrete supplier, we will listen to the details of your project, advising you on the volume and the type of concrete suitable. If you require a different kind of concrete, there’s no need to worry, Oxcrete provides a wide range of concrete types, suitable for both construction and residential use. 
If you have a project that requires concrete, get in touch with us for more information on our services or to receive a quote.