How To Lay Artificial Grass on Concrete

Are you dreaming of a perfectly manicured, healthy-looking lawn all year round? Artificial grass could be a great solution. Quality artificial grass gives the feel of the natural stuff, requires a one-time installation, and eliminates all lawn maintenance costs and work.

Artificial grass doesn’t require an expensive irrigation system. It doesn’t require water at all, as a matter of fact. Just like it doesn’t require mowing or weeding. Your lawn will look great under the summer’s sun and the winter’s snow with little to no maintenance.

Fake turf is also easy to install by yourself on both soil and concrete. In this article, we aim to show you how to lay artificial grass and share our expert tips to help make the process easier.

Laying Artificial Grass On Concrete

Prepare The Concrete Surface

Artificial grass can be laid directly onto the concrete substrate, or you can use a sub-layer for a cushioning effect. Furthermore, if the surface is uneven, it is also recommended to use a self-levelling product before laying the grass.

A self-levelling compound will only adhere to a clean surface; begin with a thorough cleaning of all dust and debris from the substrate. You can wash the area, but make sure the concrete is completely dry before proceeding. Check out our blogs on removing paint and moss from concrete surfaces.

Apply the self-levelling compound as instructed and wait for it to dry and cure before laying the grass.

If you want to enhance the feel of the fake turf and make it seem completely natural, our experts also recommend laying underfelt under the turf, for a cushioning effect.

Lay And Fix The Artificial Grass

Once all surface preparation has been carried out, proceed with laying the artificial grass by simply unrolling it. Let it settle as instructed above, then fix any joints with joining tape and adhesive as explained.

You can then fix the grass either by placing heavy objects in the corners and along the edges, or with concrete nails, using a hammer drill. In the latter instance, make sure your drilling action won’t damage the blades and use coloured nails which are easier to hide among the blades.

Groom The Artificial Grass

Groom the grass with a broom or soft rack as described above. High-quality artificial grass laid correctly will beautify your space for at least 20 years, depending on how well you take care of it.
Regardless of the style of your property and purpose, you now know how to lay artificial grass on soil or concrete. If you require further information and advice, don’t hesitate to contact our team, as well as taking a glance at our services.